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Assessing to Empower Learners

Closing [2:42]
Barbara Stripling introduced how assessment could be built into our every day work to help empower students. As partners in the learning process, using assessment to help guide students and build a trust with them, allows them to know we are there with them throughout their learning. Covering the Why? What? and How? of assessment in student learning, Barbara discussed its power in making sure that students are successful along the way. She discussed several different types of assessment that will provide students the necessary skills to become empowered learners.

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Barbara K. Stripling, DPS, is recently retired from a long career in the library profession, including positions as Director of Library Services for the New York City schools, a school library media specialist and school district director of libraries in Arkansas, a library grant program director in Tennessee, and Senior Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Practice in the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University. Barb has written or edited numerous books and articles and is the creator of the Stripling Model of Inquiry. Stripling has recently developed and published (in April 2019) a re-imagined version of the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum, a PK-12 continuum of the skills that librarians teach to empower students to be lifelong learners ( Stripling has served the profession as president of the American Association of School Librarians (1986-1987), president of the New York Library Association (2016-2017), president of the American Library Association (2013-2014), and current president of the Freedom to Read Foundation (2020-). Email:, Twitter: @barbstripling, LinkedIn: barbarastripling

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